The Missions  Institute of Orthodox Christianity seeks to promote a vibrant mission consciousness among students and seminarians at the Orthodox Theological schools and Seminaries in the United States. It strives to do this by offering missiological courses, mission practicum, and special programs and events that help future Church leaders understand the centrality of missions, evangelism and outreach within the Church and be inspired to fully participate and develop such ministries in their future pastoral and missionary work.

Upcoming Events:

  • +Oct 16 – 18: Visit of International Church Leaders to Holy Cross (Oct 16th) and a Retreat with Missions Committee and International Leaders Oct 17-18 at St Methodios Retreat Center in New Hampshire. All HCHC students invited to attend.

  • +Oct 26-31 HCHC Missions Week with Fr. Nicholas and Pres. Merilynn Andruchow. Fr. Nicholas is the Associate Director of Project Mexico

  • +Oct 30 – Annual EFOM Missions Lecture with Fr. Nicholas and Pres. Merilynn Andruchow. “Project Mexico and the Impact Of Missions in the Local Parish”

  • +Nov 7-8 – Missions Retreat with BTI Students at Maryknoll Center in NY. All students invited to attend.